Empowering Startup Founders

Advance Queensland Bootcamp | taught by Course Instructor

Course description

The Empowering Startup Founders project is a series of five online videos in an online

bootcamp containing resources to help founders refine their ideas, and develop their start-up.

After Startup Founders have worked through the series, they should be ready to prepare an application for an incubator program.

This project is funded by a Young Starters Grant, awarded to USC, from Advance Queensland.

Aims and objectives, aligned with Advance Queensland:

Improve capability and capacity: The ESF program is an innovative, hands-on project aimed at empowering young adults to address ‘real-world’ problems by collaboratively building solutions in the form of start-ups.

Skills development: The ESF program develops future-ready skills participants need to succeed in the digital economy. The focus will be on lean startup methods and basic business skills such as intellectual property decisions, governance, financing and online marketing.

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Course Instructor
Course Instructor
Empowering Startup Founders Project